Works in Progress at Chamber Arts

2924 Ashby Avenue
Berkeley, CA  94705

Backyard WIP Saturday April 6th 2024
1pm rehearsal
2 pm concert

Contact Eliza O’Malley: or 510-517-1820 to sign up to perform.
Covid protocol:
If it is raining on the day of the WIP we will meet indoors with masks. Please stay home if you are sick.
Works in Progress concerts offer an opportunity for classical music performers
to showcase new and revived repertory
before an enthusiastic audience in an intimate setting.
Please join us if you can, as an artist or as an audience member.
Plan to get there in time to get seated so the performance can start promptly at 2pm.
We’ll have refreshments afterwards–
bring food or drink to share if you want.
Please only attend if you are fully vaccinated and bring a mask.
If you will be collaborating with our pianist, bring music that is in a binder or book. No loose leaf pages.
This Month’s pianist:  Alexander Katsman